A Growth Agency. Accelerating Digital Businesses.



Press FWD helps small businesses accelerate to the next level.

Growth is our focus of attention and we want to go straight to execution. Big words and fancy presentations aren’t what startups need. We know - we’ve been there. Taking an idea from the sketchbook to a viable business with limited resources is a challenge. 

We have experience from starting, building and managing startups. Press FWD offers knowledge and to-the-point toolkits, tailored to help small businesses grow.


We provide strategic and off-the-shelf services depending on your needs. 


How you know you’re on the right path. We can help you with market research, competitive analysis and market fit. Also setting your expansion strategy and planning for new markets. 


How you get people onboard. We can help with your sales strategy and set a customer retention plan. Also identifying your sustainable impact and help finding the right people for your journey ahead. 


How your business is perceived and received. We’ll assist you building your brand identity, setting marketing and PR strategy. We can help with the execution and developing content.


And much more of course. Get in touch and tell us what you need. We can either help you or find someone who can. 


As a startup, budget often presents certain… limitations.

That’s why we're flexible and work efficiently. No more proposals with black holes, we aim to be lean and transparent. We can also help by giving you focused feedback and then let you do the work. Or produce from scratch, it all depends on what your time is worth.

Contact us and we´ll give you a cost estimate for your specific need. We can work by the hour or
give you a package deal. The two first hours are always free of charge.                                                                       




Sabina is a PR professional with 7 years of experience in digital and traditional PR work. During the last 4 years she has worked with internet startups, developing successful PR and marketing strategies, brand positioning and thought leadership.

Before starting Press FWD, she led the PR and marketing team for Virtusize, a startup company helping online fashion to illustrate fit. Previous experience includes chief marketing officer at DropGifts, Payleven and agency work for Burson-Marsteller within technology and retail.

When not working, she enjoys spending time in the stable, eating dumplings and travel.

Janna runs the online coaching- and psychology platform Competencer together with two co-founders.  She has extensive experience in online business development and marketing from  Blocket, SvD, Rocket Internet, Zalando, HelloFresh and Millicom Services. Working with product-market fit, launch strategy, growth hacking and marketing & sales strategies she has launched new ventures in Sweden and abroad during the past 5 years. 

She has founded the network 5me Sthlm for female entrepreneurs and when she’s got time she likes to work out, travel and bid on weird stuff in online auctions.     
+46 732488877