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We aim to be the number one agency for effective communication. Growth is our focus of attention and we want to go straight to execution. Big words and fancy presentations aren’t what fast moving businesses need. We know - we’ve been there. We have experience from starting, building and managing, digital businesses. Press FWD offers knowledge and to-the-point toolkits, tailored to help businesses grow and get recognized.


We won’t tell you about how new business models disrupt old ones, or how important it is to stay nimble and adapt quickly in the digital age. If you’re here, we’re betting you already know that.

When it comes to digitalization, we’ve realized that the hard part is not understanding macro trends, but rather getting all the nitty gritty things to work. A digital business is like a intricate clockwork, and in order to maximize value, all parts need to play together nicely.

We have worked with cutting edge startups in Sweden and abroad and we know what it takes to succeed in an ever-changing, digital landscape. We can offer high-level, strategic services tailored to your challenges and opportunities, or we can focus on more practical and directly actionable services, such as optimizing messages or producing content.

Whatever the case, we always try to shorten the distance between insight and action. With a decisive focus on execution, we help you reach as far as possible with a minimum amount of resources. Because that’s what the startup mindset is all about.

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How your message is received and by whom. Developing your PR strategy, either for an activity or for the whole year. We can help with the execution and developing content. 

Social Media

How you get people committed. We help you with your social media strategy and activity plan for your channels. We assist in managing and growing your social community.

A selection of past and present…



Virtusize is a fitting solution for helping e-commerce to sell more clothes online.

PressFwd has helped Virtusize create successful b2b stakeholder communication. The most recent PR activity when the company took on new investors in Japan in 2018.


Readly is a global subscription app for digital magazines founded in Sweden in 2013.

PressFwd is supporting Readly with ongoing communication activities for both b2b and b2c audiences.



Kronaby is a Swedish hybrid watch brand combining premium design with smart features.

PressFwd developed the communications platform for the brand and PR strategy for their launch. Activities included: signing international PR agencies in strategic markets, coordinating the global launch as well as the Swedish launch in 2017.


Heymo is an online website tool for business

PressFwd supported Heymo with the communications around their re-branding as well as created a new social media strategy aligning the new brand identity.



A well-renowned Swedish advertisement agency.

PressFWD supported Åkestam Holst client, Skellefteå Kraft, with PR activation of their campaign with successful placements in the most significant Swedish dailies and morning shows.


Instantor is a Swedish FinTech company set out to democratize the financing industry.

PressFwd is continuously supporting Instantor with PR activities in Sweden and internationally. Positioning the company at the right events and placing spokespersons in the right media outlets.

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